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Screening Interview

The screening interview is conducted to make sure that the candidate is the right person for the job.

Selection Tests

A series of selection tests are conducted before recruitment.

Selection Interviews

The selection interviews are the process of filtering the best candidates.

Medical Examination

We make it point that the staffs that we select are perfectly fit in every aspect.

Reference Check

If candidates come with a reference we make sure that the reference is authentic.

Hiring Decision

Based on the results and the performance n various the candidates will be hired.

Selection Process

Vacant Positions




Methods Of Staff Recruitments


Psychometric TestS


Ability Tests


Personality profiling

Phases Of The Employment Process

We will make sure that your brand reaches the right people at the right time.

We will make sure that your negative process as it involves rejection of the unsuitable candidates.

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How Can I Hire for My Next IT Role?

Information Technology specialists are an integral part of any modern organization: Nearly all day-to-day business transactions involve a computer. To guarantee error-free business operations, IT workers provide a wide variety of services. Network management, software development, database administration — all these tasks are vital and cannot be carried out by regular employees. Without an experienced specialist, companies may face an issue with complex systems and networks. Unfortunately, according to the Society of Human Resources Management, information technology specialists are the most difficult roles to fill. If you are looking for such an employee, but you have limited knowledge on IT staffing, follow the tips below to find the best candidate. Do Not Chase After Degrees Not all IT roles require a master’s degree. A professional recruiting agency knows that a good specialist might have experience but no degree. Depending on the role you want to fill, tweak your screening process. In case you are looking for a software developer or a web designer, a strong portfolio is proof of competence. On the other hand, a more sophisticated position may require a master’s degree in computer science.  Skip Long Evaluation Tests A recruitment company that is not familiar with the IT sector can make a mistake by spending too much time evaluating the candidate’s soft skills. But unlike managers and sales reps, an IT professional does not need to be a people person.  Instead of wasting time on pre-employment evaluations, proceed to the next step. Hard skills tests are more important than the ability to make small talk. Design an assignment to check whether the applicant can do the job. Look Into Fresh Grads There is a common misconception that fresh graduates do not have enough skills and expertise. Nevertheless, young specialists can compete against the most seasoned professionals. With four to six years of intense learning and training, their knowledge is sharp and up-to-date. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that IT is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States. The increasing number of IT positions means that IT recruitment is getting harder each year. A competent IT recruiter knows that the perfect candidate does not always have years of experience. IT Staffing Is Not Limited by Location Competition over high level IT profiles is fierce. Fortunately, IT recruiting can be done worldwide. There are plenty of specialists living all over the world. Reach out to a local staffing firm to facilitate the search. If your company is ready to provide the candidate with a relocation package, use this opportunity to look outside of your city. Your perfect hire can live halfway across the country or even on another continent.  An Employment Agency Can Accelerate the Process The lack of specialists on the market has made recruitment more difficult for smaller companies. To attract the best talent, you need to stay consistent, build relationships, and cast a wide net. If you are not ready to deal with dozens of interviews, an experienced staffing company may help put you on the right track.

5 Tips to Fill Your Manufacturing Role

The manufacturing industry is more than transforming raw materials into finished goods. The process of creating the final product involves complex operations that require a certain level of expertise. Operations managers, engineers, assemblers and fabricators — these are just a few professions involved in manufacturing. Despite the advent of Artificial Intelligence and automated machines, the sector keeps growing fast. In 2018, the U.S. government reported that the industry added 37,000 new jobs, which is the best annual job gain in more than 20 years. Good news for the economy, yet a worrying sign for any staffing agency. With a growing number of available positions, every manufacturing recruiter is struggling to find the perfect hire. Challenges a Manufacturing Recruiter May Face According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s report, manufacturing recruiting is getting more complicated each year. One-third of recruitment firms have said that they cannot fill an open position due to: A shortage of skilled workers; A big portion of the manufacturing workforce is nearing retirement age; The industry’s negative image among young people. To beat these challenges, manufacturing recruiters must find a more creative approach to finding and retaining workers. Here are some of them: 1. Solve the Image Problem According to Deloitte’s 2018 Skills Gap in Manufacturing study, a job at a factory is associated with manual labor and long hours. But in reality, manufacturing work has ceased to be “dirty, dumb and dangerous”. Today, working at a factory means using automated equipment and computers. Only a skilled professional with a highly analytical mind can operate these machines. To show younger generations that one can be successful in manufacturing, organize tours and lectures with local schools and universities. To clear the sector’s reputation, you need to show that manufacturing has a lot to offer. 2.  Contact a Staffing Firm to Find Specialists The competition is fierce, and the candidates have a variety of choices. However, a professional employment agency knows how to be creative and recruit the right worker. Manufacturing staffing agencies have a network of specialists that you will not be able to find using regular job boards. They will help you find the candidates and set up interviews. 3. Be Ready to Create an Employee Training Program For most companies, it makes the most sense to hire someone with related skills instead of training the long-term unemployed, single parents, and students. But someone needs to give these people an opportunity to acquire the needed skills. If finding the specialist with the skillset you are looking for is not possible, an employee training program might be your perfect solution. 4. Streamline the Process A simple application process is vital for any business. Long evaluations and never-ending interviews can scare off even the most patient candidates. To guarantee that the process is easy and enjoyable, collect feedback from interviewees. This information is key to understanding how you can increase the number of successful applicants. 5. Improve Retention Rates Finding a skilled worker is not easy. Once you fill the role, you will need to ensure that your employees stay. To keep workers happy, provide them with flexible work schedules, training opportunities, and generous vacation days. Flexibility is a great retention tool. After all, hiring manufacturing workers is a time-consuming process, and you need to work hard to keep them. With a nice working environment, help from a recruiting company, and a pipeline of young workers you will never have problems with finding the right candidate.

Do you need a staffing agency in Houston?

A staffing agency performs the procedures of enrolment and assortment for the businesses which doesn’t have sufficient energy, assets or abilities which are essential for dealing with the recruitment procedures. There are some staffing agencies in Houston which provides temp jobs and contract jobs too. If you are thinking “Do you need a staffing agency in Houston” then you need to know that the best thing about a staffing agency is that they help businesses to remain productive and if you are hiring them then you would be able to get a lot of other benefits too. Below are few of the benefits of hiring a staffing agency in Houston:


Temp jobs, contract jobs and permanent jobs



Staffing agencies offers affordable solutions for companies to find temp jobs, contract jobs and permanent jobs. Therefore, you would easily get all kinds of employees through a staffing agency without having to go through various harassments of finding an employee. If you have to find an employee for any kind of businesses then you would be required to make a lot of effort to find the right one. However, if you are hiring a staffing agency in Houston then you won’t have to make so much effort to find the right employee.




Each business has different schedules throughout the year. Sometimes, they may be busier and might require more number of employees to fulfil their orders. So, if they are hiring a staffing agency then they can easily hire skilled employees through them in order to fulfil their demands. With the help of a staffing agency in Houston, businesses won’t have to compromise on their work and profits as they would easily and in a short period
get the required number of employees for various kinds of jobs.


Save a lot of time



An average job opening would most probably attract lots of resumes and going through each resumes and interviewing the candidates would require a lot of time. Therefore, if you are hiring a staffing agency then a lot of work would be become easier, ensuring that you just haveto review few of the best candidates, thus avoiding lots of time wastage in going through the remaining candidates. So, if you are hiring a staffing agency then along with saving a lot of time, you would be able to get mental peace.


Cost effectiveness


For most of the employers, the staffing agencies provide a lot more than just providing the employees. Sometimes, they even handle all payroll taxes, unemployment benefits and workers compensation for their employees; this means the employers don’t have to do all these. Therefore, this would help you in concentrating in other important works.




The staffing agencies are experts in their field and can provide a lot easier recruiting procedures to their clients. Since they are experts in this field, they would be able to do the work more efficiently then the employers. Therefore, if you are hiring them then you would have to do minimal work while recruiting an employee and you can concentrate on more important works.

How to fill your open roles with a Raleigh-Durham staffing agency

Open roles are the job positions that cannot be filled easily due to the job description or the hard work involved in the job and regardless of whether you are an experienced business owner or high growth start up owner, you will need to look for ways to replace the employees who have been terminated, retired or quit due to some reasons. Hence for this you should hire a staffing agency in Raleigh Durham rather than recruiting new employees internally as it is considered as an affordable way in which you can get the best employees for the job openings. Therefore you will need to know How to fill your open roles with a Raleigh-Durham staffing agency so that you can hire a staffing agency that will suit your tastes and requirements.


Ways to fill your open roles with staffing agency


If you want to fill the open roles of your company quickly then you will need to hire a staffing agency that will follow a speedy and efficient process for ensuring that you will get the right candidates for the job. Since this is a challenging task, you should leave it for the professionals of the staffing agency that will help you to get candidates
for highly technical positions in your company.




Benefits of hiring staffing agency


-updated strategy and fresh approach to recruitment

-recruitment of employees with specialized experience and technical skills

-use of modern approach for employee staffing

-building online strategies for filling job positions

-tapping into wide employee network



Adverse effects of keeping the job positions opened for a long period of time When a job position is left open due to its technical aspects or high demanding job needs, it can lead to many severe effects on the company as well as the employees as it can lead to the dangers of understaffing. This can also have a negative effect on the morale of the employees while their productivity will be lowered as they will be unable to work as a team for accomplishing any desired job.


It is very important to look for a staffing agency who will search for the best candidates for the job with the  qualities and skills that has been pre-determined by the company. The agency will work hard in looking for candidates with the required skills and qualities which is very important for the success of your company. The staffing agencies are well equipped and versed in spotting the right candidate for the job so that you will get someone who will fill the open jobs in a perfect manner. With the wide candidate pool, the staffing agency have the option of looking for someone with pre-approved talent so that they will match your hiring needs and preferences. This is the best way of avoiding the consequence of having any job position open for a long period of time as they will hire the right talent for your company so that you can enjoy long as well as short term benefits.

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